Season one premieres SEPTEMBER 2010 with six episodes. Each episode will be shown in three parts with a new part each week and the full episode in its entirety the following week.

Season One Episodes:

Sex And The Beach

Showcase Yourself

Whose Whine Is It Anyway

Walking On What

Armistice At Dusk

My Velvet Pouch

Created by

Rodney E. Reyes & Jonathan Weirich

Written and Directed by

Rodney E. Reyes, Jonathan Weirich, Rachel Skrod

Executive Producers:

Rodney E. Reyes, Jonathan Weirich, Rachel Skrod

Also Starring

Daryl Denner as Trevor & Nancy Pagan as Cammy

PLACES PLEASE is a web series that follows three best friends, Jack (Rodney E. Reyes), Fitz (Jonathan Weirich), and Emmy (Rachel Skrod) through their trials and tribulations as out of work actors/writers/directors/filmmakers in the New York City independent arts scene as they try to “make it” and find their place in the world.

The show’s title is a play on the famous stage and movie direction, but also an allusion to the spot in life where the characters have found themselves. The humor of PLACES PLEASE is derived from skewering the absurdity of the self-involved, self-important modern NYC arts scene. Initially, each show will be driven by the odd situations the characters find themselves in as they try to piece together a career.

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Content copyright 2010. Rodney E. Reyes, Rachel Skrod, Jonathan Weirich. All rights reserved.

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November 17th, NEW EPISODE: