EMMY (Rachel Skrod) is smart, but at the same time without a clue. Things that should be obvious to her are often not which make her a bit naive, but in a way charming.  She grew up in a very controlled religious sect, and basically lived in a bubble, therefore things like pop culture and watching rated R movies are all new to her!  

She is the only member of 'the crew' that has a 9-5 job, and is often caught in between acting and her career. Like the others, Emmy is trying to be a successful NYC actor, but always resorts to taking on any role she gets thrown. 

 Her life consists of spending time with her two best friends, Jack and Fitz, scouring the scene for the next big break, and always falling for the wrong guy.

After spending years of trying to become NYC's greatest door to door salesman and failing. Trevor (Daryl Denner) decided to give his true love of acting a shot. Even though he hasn't taken any acting courses.

Trevor still feels he's "God's gift to Hollywood" and all he needs is the right industry person to discover him. He feels that Emmy, Fitz, and Jack have a lot of potential and if he sticks with them eventually he'll get his foot into the industry door. No matter how bizarre the situation.

Trevor will do whatever it takes to make it in the entertainment industry even if it means getting involved in some of his friends crazy schemes.   

JACK (Rodney E. Reyes) is the crew’s writer, director, and self-reluctant actor who just recently lost his job in corporate America. He sees this as an opportunity to dive head first into his first love of the arts and attempts to make it while making the rent at the same time.

He has an eclectic taste for music much to the chagrin of his best friend Emmy, with tastes that include Avril Lavigne & Katy Perry and has never watched The Godfather or other “classic” flicks much to the dismay of his roomate and other best friend Fitz.

He doesn’t believe in mixing business with pleasure after many failed attempts at dating fellow actresses. Yet, he constantly breaks the rules while looking for love in the Big Apple.

Michael “FITZ” Fitzgerald (Jonathan Weirich) is the crew’s resident bohemian searching for the East Village arts scene that has disappeared over the last twenty-five years.

When not chasing after girls, he’s more than happy to spout off for hours on his soap box to anyone who’s within earshot about the connections of Groucho Marx to Walter Benjamin to Patti Smith’s Horses to the Silver Surfer.  Answered constantly with blank stares and the rolling of the eyes, only furthers Fitz’ belief that he’s not more successful because of the cultural wasteland of the current generation.

Although he’s been trying for years to live the life of a downtown artist, he’s seems unable to get out of his own way.  The only thing he’s apparently been able to accomplish with any great success is to be perpetually out of money. With a camera and not a guitar, Fitz is a attempting to be the first punk rock warlord of the independent movie scene. 

Cammy (Nancy Pagan) is one of Emmy’s friends who also happens to be pretty successful as an actor though Jack and Fitz don’t know how that’s even remotely possible.

Cammy feels she deserves every bit of recognition she can get after taking all the esteemed acting classes in the greater metropolitan area. She got her first big break as a baby as a featured actress in a big budget movie in the early 1980s. Acting is her life and she will do anyone and anything to secure that for the rest of her life.

Brash, bold and believing in no one but herself she just might succeed where the crew has failed.

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